The Junior fashion brand for boys and girls that dresses from infants to teenagers. ORIGINAL MARINES Retail Branding

The opportunity to make ORIGINAL MARINES Retail Branding. It is a very prestigious Italian brand, Children’s clothing is their mission.


The brand was born back in 1983, immediately it becomes an icon of the original dress of Italian children. These children are now the parents who buy for their children. Original Marines is therefore a solid and constant brand over time. It quickly reaches 700 stores in Italy, Europe, and the Middle East.

FURRINA has set itself the goal of creating a retail branding that reflects the fundamental colors of the flag, adding keywords to the project such as #colors #kidsplace #happiness, and #kandy.

The result is this exciting format. when you are inside it reminds a little of a world of sugar loaf, where you can find candy cane and gummy candies. to such a solid brand, however, we also had to give a touch of class, a reward for the constant 43 years of activity.


What better material than gold. Therefore gold is part of the contour of the prestige of the brand, so we inserted it on the edges of the tables and on the hangers.


Over time, its logo has also changed. in the beginning, it was a flag resembling that of America, but with 12 stars and 5 screeches. the stars were the 12 people who created it. from the partners to the thinkers, financiers, and simple people who had supported the idea.


The stars after years have turned into dots and have decreased to 9, the red stripes have remained 5. From the entrance, they leave on the rubber floor, these evolutions start which tell its story. All of which recalls the essence of the brand. Light, colors, and white background leave room for the bright colors of the children’s clothes.

Abstract From the newspaper La Repubblica:

“The brand owned by Imap Export of Nola, after a profound restyling of products and shops, is aiming high. And at the listing on the Stock Exchange, 2019 is the turning point for Original Marines. The Junior fashion brand for boys and girls that dresses from infants to teenagers and that is headed by Imap Export based in Interporto di Nola in Campania, is finally reaping the fruits of its restyling work on the collections and also in part on the shops, which took twelve months of commitment.”

“Already from spring-summer 2019, after having launched the organizational reorganization of the company by inserting new managerial figures, we have implemented a repositioning of the product without increasing the prices by a comma, but maintaining the high quality that distinguishes us and makes us competitive favoring cotton hypoallergenic certificates and colors,ยป says Antonio Di Vincenzo, president and majority shareholder of Imap Export and exponent of the second generation of the family business.”