DonnaLoka Retail Concept

DonnaLoka Retail Consept

DonnaLoka Retail Concept

DonnaLoka Retail Concept

DonnaLoka Retail Concept Being impeccable in any context is not for everyone, but it can be for everyone with DonnaLoka accessories: all the models in the collection, designed in Italy.

Down to the smallest detail, are designed to meet the needs of women who, from the point of view of clothing, always want to give their best. let’s see DonnaLoka Retail Concept:

The strongest environment of the brand focuses on TV characters and Italian cinema stars. Choosing the right shoe or the ideal bag to combine with the decisive and aggressive look must not be an improvised gesture, but a conscious way of expressing your individuality, to leave your mark and be remembered.

The DonnaLoka brand has the personal style of its individual customers very much at heart, which is why it has concentrated its work on the production of fine shoes, with timeless models and great durability.

Under the key points provided by the brand, FURRINA aggressively reinterprets the exquisitely Italian elegance of its artisan styles, recalling the exclusivity of the brand and its captivating branding, and with the flag colors.

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